what we do

planning communications

Every planning application is different just as every community has different needs and aspirations. So every engagement strategy needs to be different. What works for one project may not work for another.

To understand what works you need to understand what matters to a community.

We work with clients throughout the planning process to ensure all stakeholders are fully informed of development proposals and work with them to deliver:

  • Community engagement strategies
  • Community stakeholder audits
  • Planning committee decision analysis

community and grassroots engagement

Now more than ever there is an expectation that local residents are not only consulted on any development proposals but are shown to be in support of them. We work with clients to develop consultation strategies that ensure this is achieved. Contact us to discuss how this has been achieved in the past.

We can work with you to organise:

  • Public exhibitions
  • Community engagement groups
  • Door to door canvassing
  • Opinion polling
  • Community newsletters

public affairs

Organisations of any size are impacted by political decisions and therefore public affairs should feature in any business strategy. We work with clients to prepare for political risks and changes by developing and delivering strategies.

These include:

  • Messaging development
  • Political engagement programmes at a local, regional and national level
  • Profile raising opportunities such as Party conference programmes
  • Opinion forming and policy development

media engagement

In sensitive and political environments it is essential to get your messaging right. A journalist calls you out of the blue and asks for a quote with a 30 minute deadline. You need to react quickly and ensure your message reduces any political or commercial risk. We can be part of your team.

We can work with you to produce strategies that include:

  • Reactive and proactive press statements
  • Digital and social media strategies
  • Press office functions
  • Media training
  • Crisis communications strategies

construction communications

A record of delivery builds strong relationships over time. We work with clients to ensure that stakeholders are kept informed throughout the delivery of projects, ensuring that any issues are dealt with effectively.

We can work with clients to:

  • Produce regular community newsletters
  • Respond to resident queries through telephone helplines
  • Facilitate community consultation groups

strategic counsel

We can provide assistance in guiding and advising you on strategies for delivering your commercial objectives and goals within the wider political landscape.

These include:

  • Briefing notes on key political events
  • Election result analysis
  • Policy analysis
  • Political risk audits